SEMI-LARGE PRINT PAPERBACK (6"x9"), also available on Kindle.
773 Pages

Four year old Katie is sexually abused by her father and witnesses her mother's murder. Her uncle's wife, Carolyn O'Gorman, insists on continuing to raise the little angel as her own. However, Carolyn soon discovers that little Katie willfully creates situations that are bound to tax her sanity. Life becomes more complicated when a second abused child, Luis Walker, enters their lives. As Katie grows into adulthood, Carolyn and the extended family painstakingly try to guide her in the right direction, but Katie has plans of her own and will not see the light until the family faces one final tragedy. Emily's Hope is definitely not what one would expect of such a serious topic. The reader will encounter more laughs than tears. Emily's Hope is a delightful and wonderfully uplifting tale for adults.
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"C. Scoushe Rosa has unmasked her powerful gift in the writing of this memorable, amazing book.   In  Emily's  Hope I found myself so moved with the wit, style and grace in  which this story is told."
G. Powell-Palmer, Licensed Master Social Work, LMSW

"C. Scoushe Rosa, a retired school teacher, has crafted a thoughtful story full of well-rounded characters that are lovingly brought to life. The writing style is clear and the plot is well organized. Though it may be difficult to consider a story about abuse pleasant to read, the book is engaging and moves at a reasonable pace.
...Child abuse is an issue that every adult should be aware of. Only through awareness can understanding and prevention be achieved. Emily’s Hope is worthwhile because of the compassionate attention it focuses on an important topic." - Catherine Reed Thureson, ForeWord Clarion Review

"Rosa’s novel, inspired by her interest in child abuse cases, offers readers a glimpse into the lives of those affected by abuse. From Katie’s inability to distinguish fantasy from reality to her Aunt Carolyn’s unfailing patience and accepting nature, Rosa provides a subjective view of the bad and the good. While some readers will be intimidated by the wordy nature of this mammoth 750-page novel, and the confusing tendency to shift between the present and the past, others will appreciate the honesty and gentleness that Rosa weaves into each sentence." - Kirkus Book Review

“Emily’s Hope is a very moving story. I enjoyed it from start to finish.
There were times when I could not put the book down. I felt that the story
was very enlightening. Both Katie and Luis’s families took great pains
to guide each child along the right path and to prevent them from straying.” - Jennie Net, love to read

“This novel makes you aware of the long lasting suffering and nightmarish lives of abused children.  You become so familiarized with the characters and their lives that you want to know more about them. This is a must read book; you laugh and cry at the same time. Once you start reading you cannot put it down.”-Carmen Vazquez, NY